4 Tips for Effective Team Work


Working with your team effectively allows you to reach goals faster and a happier work environment. It also cuts time and cost to your company. Here are 4 tips to accomplish it

1. Be accessible and transparent

We need to go out of our way to make ourselves available to people and address any concerns and questions they might have. We also need to make public any progress made on the project to keep all people involved on the same page.

To be accessible and transparent from the beginning allow us to avoid communication problems, get important feedback and reach our team goal faster.

A good way to show progress is using white boards or walls close to the people working on the project.

2. Listen

Be an active listener…what is that anyway? Active listening is the work we put in to focus on what the other people are saying.

Our brain can process 3000 words per minute but our ears can only process 250 words per minute, this is why so easy for our brain to get distracted when we are not ‘actively’ listening to somebody,

Listening is a good way to start building trust with the people you work with, since it makes them feel that the person listening cares and is willing to address any concerns that might pop up

3. Be a person


Get to know the people you are working and create a mutual respect. Respecting each person is critical for the team to succeed effectively.

Use any opportunity to avoid using just digital tools to communicate and communicate in person.

4. Work with people, not at them


Get your ‘client’ or ‘share holders’ involved in the project from the beginning and allow them to be active members, let your project evolve with them instead of presenting big changes or modifications in meeting that might offend them. This will save you lots of time.
Getting the share holders involved allow them to learn what is involved in the development process.


Working on our human skills to communicate with other people can help us to create an effective work flow amount the people involved in a project, resulting in better work environment and cutting costs to the company

I am originally from Venezuela but I have been living in Austin, Texas for the last 8 years. Web development has been part of my life for more than a decade; It started in the middle of my College years and by the time I got my bachelors degree in Electronics Engineering I was already known for delivering complex projects while delivering a good user experience.

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